Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is my new (and my first) blog, TURN AWAY SKULL. If you care to check back from time to time, you'll see posts about:
  • jungle/drum & bass & old skool hardcore music
  • other music in general
  • art/culture
  • men's fashion/sneakers
  • and what ever else seems pertinent at the time

Right now, I find it suiting to share this with you:

This is the song (or, song title) from which this blog takes it's name.
I don't think this tune is available to purchase as an mp3, but if vinyl is your thing you can cop one here (at a fairly hefty price):

Cheers! Karl Haze

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  1. oi man, nice up on finally getting your own blog started up. i'll re-link you to mine an ting.