Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Skywalker and Vader duel

I'm hoping that hate won't rear it's ugly head around here too often, but I felt that something has to be said about the latest installment in the world of sneaker collaborations. First off, I'm all for sneaker companies enlisting the help of various out-of-house designers (graphic designers, graffiti artists, fashion designers, and whatnot) to help them come up with unique products to bring some freshness to the game.
However lately we've been seeing more and more "mega collabs" between major franchises with very mixed results. There have been famous board game shoes, Japanese toy robot/lion shoes, Wu Tang Clan shoes and a host of others that just barely manage to excite the sneaker heads while at the same time coming up with something wearable. Sadly, most of these collabs just end up being overdone to the point that the sneakers only serve as a collectible item.
And here enters the latest offering from Adidas x Star Wars. Whether you still love Star Wars, or whether you think it's been played out since The Phantom Menace dropped in '99, you can judge these for yourself...
YodaImperial Stormtroopers
Tie Fighter
Darth Vader
Death Star

Don't get me wrong though, it's not all overstated podiatric heinousness. See the following two designs (Skywalker and AT-AT Walker) and check out how the Star Wars tribute is there, yet the shoes are wearable. Take note: with sneaker designs, in most cases less is more.

Luke SkywalkerAT-AT Walker

If you're still curious, see the whole collection (which also includes shoes inspired by the Millenium Falcon, Princess Leia, and the X-Wing Fighter) at Sneaker Freaker.

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