Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Don't get me wrong, I love winter and all it has to offer. I'm one of those types that actually hopes for snow once November rolls around, and who still gets excited when enough of the powder falls that school buses are cancelled for the day. Anybody know what the forcast is for the rest of the week?
When it comes to music in the winter time, I definitely notice a slight shift in my listening patterns by the time January hits. I find that I gravitate a bit more to to listening to music that's a bit deeper, introspective, and often times melancholic. Winter is an "inner" season. In the words of Goldie, it's a "headz" season. It's a time when many people not only hibernate indoors, but they also introvert and hibernate in themselves and those closest to them just a little bit more than usual. Maybe it's the winter coat pulled close to the neck, walking down the street, keeping one's head down to avoid the wind & elements that promotes this. Do you think?
If you feel me, check out these recommendations for classic winter listening.
My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes (Creation, 1991)

Catherine Wheel - The Nude (Fontana, 1993)

Joy Division - Decades (Factory Records, 1980)

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  1. Karl! MBV is by far one of my all time favourite bands... choice pick! Loveless is a dope album for sure... but Isn't Anything pops into my mind when I think winter... it's got a much 'colder' vibe IMO, whereas Loveless is all fuzzed out and warm... like too much red wine.

    Good pick nonetheless... cheers!