Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nooka Time Pieces

Realizing how few options there were for displaying time, artist and designer Matthew Waldman sketched, designed, and patented his own unique linear time keeping system. He later put his designs to use on several lines of clean, simple, and effective time pieces under his brand, Nooka.
Nooka Linear Time
Standard analog and digital time formats are abundant in just about every forum of society, be it on the walls in our homes, on the screens of our computers, or on the displays of our cell phones. Nooka's time display does away with the cyclical analog and the stand-alone digital perceptions of time. Instead, a Nooka watch represents time as a series of dots, bars, and lines. This allows for a referential perspective of time at any point of the day or night. Time is acrued visually on the display, and the wearer gets a very real sense of the time that has already passed, as well as the time that is remaining. Confusing? Perhaps at first, but one quickly adapts to (and enjoys) looking at time in a whole new way. Personally, I've had my watch for only a short while, and I'm already used to the less-than-conventional display.
Nooka Style
All Nooka time pieces offer a simple and understated layout, coupled with eye-catching colours and details. Many models boast a one piece polyurethane body and band coupled with a high gloss crystal display, while others combine more classic time piece features (leather band, metallic face & buttons) with the Nooka time layout. In addition to this, all of the different models are unisex and come in a range of colours.

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