Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is the most recent mix I've aired on Futurhythm (on March 31st). Fiver's asked for it, and I was already thinking of making this one available for download, so here it is. It's pretty rough & dark overall, and definitely one of the harder mixes I've played on the radio in a while. Check the early Futurhythm classics in there too, reaching back as far as 1997.


A Sides feat. MC Fats - Crazy 2006 (Eastside)
The Pedge - Dubplate Special (Dread)
Future Cut - Whiplash (Renegade Hardware)
Genotype - Extra Terrestrial (Dom & Roland Remix) (Renegade Hardware)
Dylan - Turbulence (Droppin' Science)
Source Direct - Technical Warfare (Science)
Ed Rush & Nico - Torque (No U Turn)
Seba - Shapeshifter (Secret Operations)
Matrix - Mute 98 (Prototype)

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