Friday, December 31, 2010


The year 2010 is about to slip away from us and into history. I recently took the opportunity to play some of the year's best drum & bass music on my final Futurhythm episode for the year (broadcast date, December 29th), which has become somewhat of a tradition for the show year after year. Being that it is also the end of a decade, I decided to see just how things have come along since the last decade rolled over and into the next. The show started off with some classics from 1999/2000/2001. Then at the halfway mark, we took a look at some key releases from the year 2010. These are by no means definitive lists or picks, but rather a mix of some of the best in my opinion. Here's how it went down:

2000ish (an excerpt taken from a previously recorded mix)

Q Project - Champion Sound (Total Science Remix) (C.I.A.)
Phantom Audio - Remote Control (Timeless)
Dylan & Ink - California Curse (Outbreak)
Roni Size - Snapshot (Full Cycle)
Total Science - Make Me Feel (C.I.A.)
Ram Trilogy - Titan (Ram)
Uncut - Midnight (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) (Wired)
London Elektricity - Wishing Well (Danny Byrd Remix) (Hopspital)
Universal Project - Rux Flava
Digital - Waterhouse Dub (True Playaz)
A Sides - Crazy VIP (Eastside)
Bad Company - Tumpa (Flashback) (Bad Company)


Calibre - Thirst Dub (Signature)
Breakage feat. Roots Manuva - Run Em Out (Digital Soundboy)
Bladerunner - Back To The Jungle (Critical)
Total Science & S.P.Y. - Gangsta (Shogun Audio)
Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style (Serial Killaz Remix) (Tom & Jerry)
Calibre - Broken (Signature)
Break & Die - Slow Down (Symmetry)
Subwave - Darkness Dub (Metalheadz)
Exocet - Demon Seed (S.P.Y. Remix) (Nu Directions)

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  1. Looking forward to hearing the 2010ish mix - happy New Year's to you Karl!

    - Pearsall