Thursday, July 22, 2010



I recently had the pleasure of having long time friend and partner in crime, Roksteady (aka
Just Joe), as my guest on my Futurhythm radio show. I actually met Joe through doing the radio show way back in 1997, when he used to call up on a weekly basis to flip out over drum & bass/jungle tracks I was playing, or to request the ones I wasn't. We immediately found out that we were like-minded d&b heads, and quickly became friends and associates in various DJ "crews".

A few years on from then, Joe jumped into the music production game (The Fix, Cryme). He took to it hard, and was quickly producing shockingly good music. We also wrote many tracks together (Counterweight), collectively getting play in clubs and on radio shows globally. We even managed to get a hand full of them released on various record labels.

Even though Joe is a d&b head through and through, he never shys away from other forms of music, especially reggae (roots, dub) and hip hop. The mix Joe played out on my radio show during his recent guest spot was a old mix he put together about 10 years back, featuring some of his favourite underground hip hop tracks. The music on Amplified Sample spans many years, as well as continents, showcasing an eclectic mix of hip hop from various worldwide scenes. Expect to hear tunes from DJ Food, DJ Spooky, Ninja Tune, Depth Charge (aka J. Saul Kane), and more.

Unfortunately, I don't know all of the tracks on this mix, so as of now there's no tracklist. Joe said he'd get on it though, so watch this space.

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